Look at the below optical illusion. How many black dots can you find? At the very bottom of this post is the answer. Read on for an explanation, as well as an experiment with taste that you can try at home.

Plant-based Meat is Hype. The preceding graph shows the rise of consumer awareness (black line, Google Trends) and overlays the stock price of Beyond Meat (BYND), +130% since the IPO. Strikingly, the idea of making money on plant-based meat (May ’19 BYND IPO) carries a 42% greater search engagement than…

Taste tests aren’t like they used to be. But have they evolved enough?

Over the past few months I’ve met countless food entrepreneurs who have some of the most incredible, daring and, in some cases, transformational ideas. Eighty percent of them will fail. But none of these folks I’ve met think so.

Four out of the five of the aforelinked reasons for failure…

Michael Nestrud, Ph.D.

Founder of MNC; Sensory Scientist; Culinary Psychologist; Connects organizations to the hearts, minds & taste buds of their consumers. www.mnestc.com

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